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The Siege of Robin Hood

In a time of chaos and tyranny, the once great nation of England teeters perilously on the brink of mass revolution. After the merciless Sheriff of Nottingham orders a brutal attack on his family, a young man named Robin swears bloody revenge on the men responsible, vowing to restore freedom to those trapped under the realm’s oppressive rule. Advised and mentored by the reclusive magician Merlin, Robin and his right-hand man Lancelot recruit a deadly team of exiled fighters and skilled mavericks to rally the villagers for an explosive all-out assault on the Crown’s castle.

Post Production Managment and Workflow

SDR Colour Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing and Finishing

Partital VFX work 

Full delivery to Saban Entertainment

Works Performed

The Team

Emily Tathem

Justin McDonald

Jean-Pierre Addinall

Nicholas Devin

Albertus Thamrin

Mark D'Angelo

The Backlot Studios

Post Production Supervisor


Online Editor

VFX Artists

Supervising Sound Editor & Designer

Mix Facility

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