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Serve Chilled boasts a Dolby Vision HDR grading suite capable of handling 8k vision, coupled with 4k SDR grading suites, multiple AVID rooms and dedicated VFX machines and ProTools audio suites. 

Our hard working and committed team of artists and technicians are on hand to bring your vision to life and ensure smooth delivery to studio and distribution partners. 


Serve Chilled has successfully delivered films & series to Netflix, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Lifetime, Hallmark, MarVista Entertainment, Amazon, Saban Entertainment and other AAA studios, distributors and international sales agents.

Let us fix it in post!

Based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, Serve Chilled is the only post production facility in Queensland (and one of only four across Australia) to be individually certified by Dolby and listed on their register of world-class post facilities.

Our brand reflects our ambition: providing peace of mind to filmmakers so that they can focus on what they do best, and leaving the rest to us.

Our Facility

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