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Beyond the Reef

Join actor and part-time adventurer Shuang Hu (@theoneshu) on a giant screen adventure of a lifetime as she travels to one of the oldest and most beautiful ecological habitats in the world. From diving the iconic Great Barrier Reef, treking through the ancient Daintree Rainforest, swimming in secret waterfalls and sailing the sky blue ocean, Shuang discovers the area’s history, its secrets, and humanity’s relationship with the region. Filmed in glorious 8k, Beyond The Reef is a journey best experienced in cinema’s glorious premium large format.


Post Production Managment and Workflow

Dailies and data back up

Editorial room hire and Edit Assistants

Dolby Vision HDR Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing


Graphics and Credits

Full delivery for release on IMAX

Handling of trailer creative and delivery

Handling of poster creative and delivery

EPK production, edit and delivery

Works Performed

Post Production Supervisor

General Manager

Post Production Coordinator




Online Editor

Assistant Editor

DI Assistant

Data Backup/ Dailies Operator

VFX Artist

Sound Designers

Christian Alcock

Emily Tathem

Bree Hofmann-Young

Anna Moody

Justin McDonald

Jasper St Aubyn West

Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson

Austin Macfarlane

Jordon Munro

Jean-Pierre "JP" Addinall

Eamon Mcdonagh

Pete Purcell

Daniel Hacket

The Team

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