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Californian Attorney Savannah Morgan is living the dream of bringing her husband Brad and their five year old daughter, Aria, back to her birthplace in Queensland, Australia... until Aria goes missing from the resort’s Kidz Club and it becomes her worst nightmare. Suspicions point everywhere but ultimately the heart pounding race to find the little girl alive leads Savannah to the discovery of a hidden family secret, one that’s about to change her life forever.


Post Production Managment and Workflow

Dailies and data back up

Editorial room hire and Edit Assistants

Dolby Vision HDR Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing


Graphics and credits

Full delivery to Netflix

Handling of trailer creative and delivery

Handling of poster creative and delivery

EPK production, edit and delivery

Works Performed

Post Production Supervisor

Facilities Manager

Post Production Coordinator



Assistant Editor

Data Backup/ Dailies Operator

VFX Artist

DI Conform

Supervisor Sound Editor

Sound Designer

Mix Facility

Christian Alcock

Emily Tathem

Charley Wignall

Warren Eagles

Nicholas Devin

Charley Wignall

Patrick Buckley

Ben Ying

Grant Dawson

Sam Gain-Emery

Ben Stewart

Folklore Sound

The Team

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