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Love in Bloom

Celebrated Chicagoan florist Amelia Hart heads to Primrose River, Australia for her sister’s wedding, only to find the bride-and groom-to-be are marooned on a mountain retreat. Until they get home, it’s up to Amelia and the Best Man, Grayson Tanner, to step in and save the wedding. Though the pair struggle to agree on anything, Grayson soon helps Amelia realise her life in Chicago isn’t as ideal as she thought. With the stunning gardens of the wedding venue as her inspiration, Amelia searches for new meaning in her life, as well as what it means to truly be in love.


Post Production Managment and Workflow

Dailies and data back up

Editorial room hire and Edit Assistants

Dolby Vision HDR Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing


Graphics and credits

Full delivery to Nicley Entertainment

Handling of trailer creative and delivery

Handling of poster creative and delivery

EPK production, edit and delivery

Works Performed

Post Production Supervisor

General Manager

Post Production Coordinator



Online Editor

Assistant Editor

Data Backup/ Dailies Operator

VFX Artists

Supervising Sound Editor & Designer

Christian Alcock

Emily Tathem

Charley Wignall

Justin McDonald

Jasper St Aubyn West

Justin McDonald

Grant Dawson

Joel Godfrey

Mark Smith

Jackson Green

Benjamin Vlad

The Team

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