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Mistletoe Ranch

Upon learning her hometown’s holiday celebrations have been put on hold, international photographer Aimée Tremblay returns to the town of Snowy Oak to restore the seasonal spirit. There, she reunites with her ex-fiancé, James Hunt, and discovers her family property, Mistletoe Ranch, is in debt. As Aimée faces a choice between returning to manage the property or selling it so she can continue to pursue her dream career, she finds herself reconnecting with the ranch, the locals, and James.


Post Production Managment and Workflow

Dailies and data back up

Editorial room hire and Edit Assistants

Dolby Vision HDR Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing


Graphics and credits

Full delivery to Blue Fox Entertainment

Handling of trailer creative and delivery

Handling of poster creative and delivery

EPK production, edit and delivery

Works Performed

Christian Alcock

Emily Tathem

Bree Hofmann-Young

Justin McDonald

Amy Wheelhouse

Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson

Liam Selby

Joel Godfrey

Steve Tedman

Grant Dawson

Austin Macfarlane

Eamon Mcdonagh

Benjamin Vlad

The Team

Post Production Supervisor

General Manager

Post Production Coordinator



Online Editor

Assistant Editor

Assembly Assistant Editor

Data Backup/ Dailies Operator

Senior VFX Artist

VFX Artists

Supervising Sound Editor & Designer

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