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The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay

15 year old Quinn Perkins is excited to be spending the summer interning with her best friend Daniela and marine biologist father Charlie. The besties haven’t seen each other since Charlie inherited a research centre in Dolphin Bay, Australia, studying the unnatural shift in the local reef’s biodiversity. Things feel different between Quinn and Daniela, and it’s not long before Quinn agrees to join the adventurer wannabe Teddy on a treasure hunt as a distraction. Mysterious events occur, and a journal they are gifted reveals that to find the treasure, the reef must be destroyed. Abandoning their hunt they hide the journal, but it’s secret is revealed and the journal stolen, leading the four teens to uncover the truth about what - or who - is responsible for the problems on the reef.


Post Production Managment and Workflow

Dailies and data back up

Editorial room hire and Edit Assistants

Dolby Vision HDR Grade

Handling of Sound Post Production

Online Editing

Graphics and credits

Full delivery to Disney 

Handling of trailer creative and delivery

Handling of poster creative and delivery

EPK production, edit and delivery

Works Performed

Post Production Supervisor

General Manager

Post Production Coordinator


Assistant Editor

Data Backup/ Dailies Operator

Supervising Sound Editors

Sound Designer

Mix Facility

Christian Alcock

Emily Tathem

Anna Moody

Justin McDonald

Liam Selby

Nick Whelan

Sam Gain-Emery

Thalia Colettis

Ben Stewart

Folklore Sound

The Team

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